Data Engineering Bootcamp: Build Your Portfolio in 6 Months.

In partnership with the Washington University in St. Louis McKelvey School of Engineering.

Our graduates have been hired by top tech companies

Get job-ready with an industry-driven curriculum

The bootcamp covers 400+ hours of course work, with a combination of lectures, readings, projects, and career resources that are geared towards technologies used by the most data-forward companies.

Build the skills hiring managers look for

Master Hadoop, Apache Spark, Azure and Docker.

Demonstrate your skills through two guided capstones where you’ll create, scale, and deploy data pipelines.

Graduate with a unique portfolio and a certification from the Washington University in St. Louis Technology and Leadership Center.

 Self paced machine learning course

Is this program right for me?

This Data Engineering Bootcamp is designed for people with at least a year of experience in data or software engineering, who want to become data engineers.

Prerequisites and course requirements

Professional work experience in an analytical role, ideally working with SQL or as a software engineer using Python or Java or C++ OR a bachelor's degree in CS or another degree that involves extensive programming skills.
Proficiency in SQL and basic Python skills are required. Self taught programmers who clear the technical skills survey can also enroll in the program.
The course is 100% online with no requirements to attend live or in-person classes at the Washington University campus. All you'll need is a computer with internet access.
Want to learn more?

The syllabus, mentorship details and further information is available on the UCSD Extension course page.

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