Machine Learning Bootcamp: Deploy Algorithms and Build a Portfolio in 6 months.

In partnership with the University of California San Diego Extension.

Our graduates have been hired by top tech companies

A unique curriculum with a flexible learning schedule

Knowing machine learning and deep learning concepts is important but not enough to get you hired. More than 50% of the curriculum focuses on production engineering skills to show hiring managers you’re job-ready.

Build the skills hiring managers look for

Develop skills in; linear and logistical regression, anomaly detection, cleaning and transforming data.

Design a machine learning/deep learning system, build a prototype and deploy a running application that can be accessed via API or web service. No other bootcamp does this.

Graduate with a unique portfolio of projects and globally recognized certification from the University of California San Diego Extension.

 Self paced machine learning course

Is this program right for me?

This Machine Learning bootcamp is designed for people with strong software engineering skills and industry experience, who want to become Machine Learning Engineers.

Prerequisites and course requirements

Prior experience in software engineering/data science
OR advanced knowledge of python, statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.
The course is 100% online with no requirements to attend live or in-person classes at the University of California San Diego campus. All you'll need is a computer with internet access.
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The syllabus, mentorship details and further information is available on the UCSD Extension course page.

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