Springboard Vulnerability Disclosure Policy


This policy is intended to give security researchers clear guidelines for conducting vulnerability discovery activities directed at SlideRule Labs, Inc. (“Springboard”) systems, and submitting discovered vulnerabilities to Springboard.


Springboard recognizes that external security researchers can help to increase the security of Springboard systems, and we welcome contributions from security researchers, as set forth in this policy. If you have information about a vulnerability in a Springboard system, we encourage you to let us know right away.

Information submitted to Springboard under this policy will be used for defensive purposes – to mitigate or remediate vulnerabilities in our networks or applications, or the applications of our vendors.

Please review, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions before conducting any testing of Springboard systems and before submitting a report. Thank you.


The Springboard website and applications located at springboard.com (and its subdomains). Third-party applications or websites are only within the scope when: (1) you are able to research vulnerabilities: (a) through the ordinary functioning of such website or app as it interacts with Springboard’s website or app, or (b) pursuant to the terms of such third party’s vulnerability disclosure program, and (2) the vulnerability impacts Springboard users or systems.

How to Submit a Report

Please send your report to security@springboard.com. The report must include a detailed summary of the vulnerability, including: type of issue; step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue; proof-of-concept; impact of the issue; and suggested mitigation or remediation actions, as appropriate.

By sending the report you are indicating that you have read, understand, and agree to the guidelines described in this policy for the conduct of security research and disclosure of vulnerabilities or indicators of vulnerabilities related to Springboard systems, and consent to having the contents of the communication and follow-up communications stored on Springboard systems.


Springboard will deal in good faith with researchers who discover, test, and submit vulnerabilities or indicators of vulnerabilities in accordance with these guidelines:

  • Your activities are limited exclusively to: (1) Testing to detect a vulnerability or identify an indicator related to a vulnerability; or (2) Sharing with, or receiving from, Springboard information about a vulnerability or an indicator related to a vulnerability.
  • You do no harm and do not exploit any vulnerability beyond the minimal amount of testing required to prove that a vulnerability exists or to identify an indicator related to a vulnerability.
  • You do not interact with an individual account (which includes modifying or accessing data including personally identifiable information from the account) without the account owner's explicit consent in writing, which you must produce upon request.
  • You avoid intentionally accessing the content of any communications, data, or information transiting or stored on Springboard systems – except to the extent that the information is directly related to a vulnerability and the access is necessary to prove that the vulnerability exists.
  • You do not exfiltrate any data under any circumstances.
  • You do not intentionally compromise the privacy or safety of any person.
  • You do not intentionally compromise the intellectual property or other commercial or financial interests of any person or entity.
  • You do not publicly disclose any details of the vulnerability, indicator of vulnerability, or the content of information rendered available by a vulnerability, except upon receiving explicit written authorization from Springboard.
  • You do not conduct denial of service testing.
  • You do not conduct social engineering, including spear phishing, of Springboard users, employees or contractors.
  • You do not submit a high-volume of low-quality reports.
  • If at any point you are uncertain whether to continue testing, please engage with our team.

What You Can Expect from Us

We take every disclosure seriously and very much appreciate the efforts of security researchers. We will investigate every disclosure and strive to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to mitigate risk and remediate reported vulnerabilities.

Springboard remains committed to coordinating with the researcher as openly and quickly as possible. This includes:

  • We investigate and respond to all valid reports. We prioritize evaluations based on risk and other factors, so timing of our reply may vary. We may request further information from the researcher.
  • To the best of our ability, we will confirm the existence of the vulnerability to the researcher and keep the researcher informed, as appropriate, as remediation of the vulnerability is underway.
  • We want researchers to be recognized publicly for their contributions, if that is the researcher’s desire. We will seek to allow researchers to be publicly recognized whenever possible. However, public disclosure of vulnerabilities will only be authorized at the express written consent of Springboard.
  • We do not currently have a bug bounty program, so researchers will not be entitled to payment for their identification of vulnerabilities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may in our sole discretion and upon agreement with the researcher, provide such compensation as we determine is appropriate for the researcher’s report

Information submitted to Springboard under this policy will be used for defensive purposes – to mitigate or remediate vulnerabilities in our networks or applications, or the applications of our licensors and vendors.