Mentorship: the make-or-break factor

Mentors are industry professionals who guide you to your goals
Mentors provide accountability, feedback and guidance at each stage of your learning journey
Mentors know what your industry demands and what hiring managers want

Does mentorship really matter?

The data doesn’t lie: mentorship provides a serious edge. In independent studies, having a mentor has been proven to speed up career advancement, accelerate salary growth, and increase professional satisfaction of mentees (Harvard Business Review, 2020). There are even personal perks: mentees generally have better physical health, higher self-esteem and smoother interpersonal skills.
The stats to prove it:
Professionals in a mentorship program are five times as likely to be promoted and get a pay rise than those who aren't (LinkedIn, 2019)
76% of professionals think mentors are important, but only 37% have one (Forbes, 2019)
What is Springboard mentorship?
A mentor is your partner throughout your learning journey. Unlike a class instructor, who presents material once and expects you to grasp it, your mentor will work with you individually. It's personalized learning instead of one-way advice.

You mentor will guide you through the curriculum and help familiarize you with industry tools, answering questions and removing blockers
Your mentor will help you plan, create and structure excellent portfolio projects via regular feedback that will make you stand out to future employers
Your mentor will provide industry guidance and an insider's perspective of the workings in your chosen industry
Meet your personal mentor
Finding and approaching potential mentors can be intimidating in the real world. At Springboard, we'll match you with a mentor that suits your schedule as well as your learning and career goals.

Your mentor will have a minimum of three years’ experience working in your chosen field
You’ll meet regularly with your mentor on live video calls and catch up with them via email between meetings
You set the agenda for live meetings to discuss the material you’re learning and overcome any challenges
Mentors help you to develop your projects, review, and grade them before guiding you through the process of creating a portfolio that's attractive to hiring managers
Meet some of our mentors
Mentor categories
Mentor categories
Pasquale Prosperati
eCommerce Analytics Manager
Meg Clayton
Senior UX Designer
Rahul Sagrolikar
Data Science Lead
Peter Nsaka
Software Engineer
Julia Kho
Operations Research Developer
Mohit Bhatia
Program Manager - Analytics
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Hear some our students' mentoring experience

As mentees determine the items they want guidance on, the value of mentorship is unique to each individual.
Matching you with a mentor

Once enrolled, you’ll fill out a profile detailing your availability, goals, and the skills you want to develop. Our student success team will then match you with a mentor and schedule your calls based on your selected availability.

Can I select my own mentor?
Your student advisor will match you with a mentor based on your availability and the preferred skills shared in your student profile.
Can I change my mentor?
All our mentors have the skills necessary to be a great course guide for you, which is our number one priority. If after two calls with your mentor you feel they are not a good fit, you can contact your advisor.
Can I get more than one call per week?
1-on-1 mentors allow calls once per week, however on-demand mentors are available for certain courses.
“My mentor was great, had real-world experience and served as a great resource to help me define a project as well as solve technical questions with my coding.”
- Esme Gaisford, Data Science graduate

Round-the-clock mentorship? We’ve got you

Did something major come up and your mentor is not instantly available? It’s rare, but sometimes you need a pinch hit in the mentorship department. That’s where our on-demand mentorship program comes in.
What to expect:
On-demand mentors can be available for live meetings as soon as two hours after your request depending on your timezone
You set the agenda, including clarification on material and additional project reviews
Want to become a Springboard mentor?